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Neshama Carlebach
Like her father, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, Neshama’s talent and charisma captivate and endear her to people of all ages and backgrounds as she performs in cities all over the world. Together with producer/pianist David Morgan her incredible band, she continues to both deeply move and entertain as she sings her father’s incomparable melodies, and inspiring original compositions. An event with Neshama will uplift you and bring you the gift of songs that are danceable, singable, and unforgettable.
Craig Taubman
  Craig Taubman's dynamic music and moving performance style have been an inspiration to the Jewish community for over 22 years. Craig's magical and enchanting music brings to life the joy and spirit of the Jewish heritage, appealing to young and old alike and captivating audiences wherever he goes.

Blue Fringe

With record-breaking CD sales and scores of sold-out performances, Blue Fringe is fast establishing itself as America's favorite Jewish rock band. Arranged, written, and recorded over the course of several months, The Whole World Lit Up (December 2006), Blue Fringe's highly-anticipated third album, features a ten song collection of innovative approaches to traditional Jewish tunes. The album infuses new perspective into ancient liturgy and promises to be their most successful release yet. www.bluefringe.com

David Morgan
It’s tough to pigeonhole David Morgan.  He is a musician who is truly in love with music and finds many avenues to express it.  As a pianist, songwriter, singer, producer, arranger and educator, his goals are to  always bring this love, skill and dedication to every project he is a part of.  
Josh Nelson Project
Delivering high-octane Jewish rock, the Josh Nelson Project is five of the most talented performers in the United States. Each musician is young, Jewish and a positive role model. A multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Josh's music is celebrated and integrated into the repertoire of congregations, camps and communities around the world.

Gershon Veroba
     With over 20 albums to his credit and headline performances both in high profile concert halls and on TV, Gershon is probably the only Jewish music performer that can count Avraham Fried, Freddy Roman and Paula Abdul as aficionados and fans of his music.  His ability to “connect with” audiences has resulted in a fan base everywhere from South Africa to South Dakota.

sam glaser Sam Glaser
With over 16 albums under his belt and his annual fifty city concert tour which plays for over 100,000 fans, Sam Glaser may be the hardest working man in Jewish music today. Considered one of the top ten Jewish performers in the US by Moment magazine, Sam Glaser delivers concerts and Shabbatons with unparalleled enthusiasm and energy to the full spectrum of Jewish audiences.
Debbie Friedman
     For nearly 35 years, Debbie’s music has brought the teachings of Judaism into the 20th and 21st centuries through her music. Her songs are often part of the prayers tradition at many synagogues and camps. Steeped in the folk tradition of some of those she has followed – Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins – Debbie performs music that teaches, that inspires and that heals.
Moshav Band
The Israeli-born Moshav Band grew up on Moshav Meor Modi’im, a musical village located in the hills between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Founded by the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, it continues to be the birthplace of many Jewish songs enjoyed by the world over. The members of the Moshav Band were under the spiritual guidance of Rabbi Carlebach, often performing with him at his concerts.
Soulfarm consists of four guys from New York who forge exciting new sounds by combining the musical roots of their heritage with a shared passion for melodic song writing and modern, progressive arrangements. Their unique sound offers the rare combination of a multigenerational and cross-cultural appeal.
The brainchild of two Israeli Yemenite brothers, Yahav and Yaniv Tsaidi, Heedoosh performs deeply personal, spiritual Jewish rock music that pulls no punches. The songs are rooted in sacred text and combined with contemporary verses gilded with a true rock edge influenced by Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead, Coldplay and Oasis.

Mike Boxer

     On top of his solo project, the singer-songwriter has earned his stripes behind the scenes as a producer, arranger, composer, educator and performer on an eclectic variety of projects. That melting pot of experience shines through in his material, a fusion of styles that is truly unique and dynamic.